Reindeer moss – the hottest trend of the season

Do you already know the hottest trend of the season? It’s moss! Pictures, and even entire walls made of natural moss, conquer the interior of houses and apartments. Especially since the reindeer moss does not require watering and care. How to use it and how much does it cost? We check!

Reindeer moss – Scandinavian lichen you will fall in love with

In the beginning, a small correction – reindeer moss is not really a moss, but a lichen. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s wonderfully soft, maintenance-free and beautiful!

Almost all the trends of the past year were in some way related to plants. We pay more and more attention to ecology and energy efficiency, we buy air-purifying plants for our homes and choose materials and accessories with plant motifs. Nature is close to even the biggest townspeople! And thanks to moss you can have a living decoration, even if your cacti usually do not survive – not only is it not necessary but it shouldn’t even be watered!

Where did moss come from on the walls of apartments and houses?

Will anyone be surprised if we say that the reindeer moss comes from Scandinavia? It looks like this is a region that will never cease to keep us new! Decorative moss can also be found in Poland, but it is under partial protection. Cladonia rangiferina, also known as Icelandic moss, grows in cool regions – including northern Europe and North America. However, its greatest concentrations are where reindeer are – hence its name. Reindeer, because it is the favourite delicacy of these animals, and the scratching of the scratchy sound comes from the characteristic sound it makes when you walk on it.

Production of preserved reindeer moss

Moss is harvested by hand and in limited quantities so as not to disturb the balance of the ecosystem in which it grows. Then it is cleaned and subjected to a stabilization process and possible dyeing. Stabilization is nothing more than putting the plant to sleep. As a result, the reindeer moss will retain all its properties, but will not continue to grow. This process consists in introducing a specially created solution, the most important ingredient of which is glycerin, into the juices of decorative moss. Stabilized decorative moss looks natural, is soft and resilient, and at the same time does not require care and will not flake off the walls. The entire process and the end result are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Reindeer moss – moss care and maintenance

Thanks to stabilization, the moss does not require any care and additionally gains new properties that will especially please allergy sufferers and pet owners. What is more:

  • It retains its fragrance and appearance for up to 5 to 15 years.
  • It does not require watering or fertilizing – the reindeer moss absorbs the moisture necessary to keep it fresh. The optimal conditions are 40-60% humidity, which is the same as for humans.
  • It does not grow larger and does not need to be trimmed.
  • It does not need light – it actually prefers shaded positions, where its colour will not fade under the influence of intense sunlight.
  • Does not attract dust – ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • It is non-toxic to animals – they are not interested in nibbling on it.
  • It is resistant to mold and fungi.
  • Reindeer moss is a perfect decoration for a bathroom without a window. Unlike other plants, it will feel great there – moist air will keep it fresh and bouncy.

How is it used and how much does reindeer moss cost?

Until relatively recently, decorative moss was available mainly to green and interior designers on special request. However, its popularity meant that it can now be bought for personal use without any problems. In florist and gardening stores and online, you can order:

  • Loose moss in foil packages – for small projects, e.g. gardens in jars or table decorations; in bags from 50 to 500 g.
  • Moss loose in cardboard boxes – for larger projects, e.g. paintings or inscriptions on the walls; in boxes of 1 to 5 kg.
  • Moss in the form of a “tile” – mounted on a cork or board panel, it can be used to cover the entire wall.

The actual cost depends on the origin of the moss, the thickness of the panel, and its colour. Reindeer moss is also available in dyed versions – in addition to the natural shades of green and grey, you can meet pink, orange, and even purple and blue moss. The variety of colours promotes creativity – by combining several shades of decorative moss, you can create a colourful image or simply choose one that will fit better with the arrangement of your apartment.