Best London basement ideas

Living in London can be expensive and moving house even more so. Without a doubt, there are families out there that need a bigger space and just don’t have the money to buy somewhere bigger. We have a solution for that and it turns out the market has been onto the idea for quite a while now. Renovating a basement and changing it into a useful space might be the way for you. Don’t have any ideas of how you could change the space and increase the value of your house while getting more room for yourself at the same time? We’ve got you covered.

Before you start creating your basement

We know that the idea of saving up for a renovation is more appealing than saving up for a house and we get that you might want to get to work straight away. We just wanted to remind you that in order to do such renovations, you need some legal permits as well as a good building plan. The renovation won’t be only about painting the walls – you need to get heating, lighting and proper ventilation out there if you don’t want your walls to get all damp and the room to be overly humid. Now, to the ideas.

A playroom

Your children are not getting enough play space and are constantly brining the toys into the main room? Or maybe you yourself don’t have the space for all your x-box nights? A basement is the perfect solution, serving so much free space ready to use for whatever you need. With proper carpeting on the floor and storage for all the toys, you can make kids have their own little paradise, creating Lego houses and all the constructions they want. You can even set up a whole toy train track if you wanted and don’t get annoyed at it being in the way. Everyone will be happy and no toys will be harmed in the process.

Room for squash

Like the idea of working out after a tough day but never get the chance to actually go to the gym? Make it your new basement! You could play squash, do cardio, lift weights or even play tennis if you wanted to, all in the comfort of your own house. You could even ask your friends over and have a friendly match with your mates after long week of meetings and business deals.

At-home cinema

How long ago was the last time you went to the cinema? Although the big productions are still going strong, for viewing pleasures most people turn to Netflix and other platforms they can get at home. Creating an actual at-home cinema in your basement is surprisingly the cheapest idea of them all and it doesn’t require much to actually make it perfect. Get a big screen, a couch and some cosy lights and blankets to wrap yourself in. Turn the TV on, pick a movie you love and enjoy your cinema with a cup of tea in your hand. Mates over? No problem. Kids invited their friends? Perfect. Who said a basement has to be useless and neglected.