Pick out a stylish coffee table

A nice and stylish coffee table can be an underrated centrepiece of your living room. With a nice, simple design comes a lot of function, whether you love hosting house parties with you group of friends or spending a cosy evening on the couch, with a cup of coffee and a good book. Choosing the right one for your living space is not an easy task, especially if it stays in the centre of a room for everyone to see. Where to begin and how to pick the perfect, stylish coffee table?

Function or décor? 

A coffee table can serve two main purposes in a living space. It can be fully functional, as a piece by the couch where you set your cups, plates and snacks on, or have more decorative purposes and stay in the corner of a room with a nice green plant on top. Whatever the choice may be, before picking up your favourite piece from the furniture store, decide what you want the coffee table to actually do for you.

  • If you have a big living room with a large sitting area in the middle, does a small and decorative round glass table serve its purpose there?
  • Or maybe would be better to pick up a larger, equally as classy but much more functional wooden table that you could use for hosting people, movie nights, game nights etc? 

Deciding between function or décor doesn’t have to be necessarily one or the other – there are some bigger, functional but beautiful tables as well as some smaller, highly decorative but still quite useful coffee tables. The question generally comes down to the choice between which is more important to you. The only thing to remember is that a coffee table should be to scale with other things that it will be surrounded by. If you want a smaller table near a large couch, think about adding two ottomans or an armchair beside the table to break up the space and make the table seem more fitting. 

Two coffee tables is a stylish choice

Modern trends show that more and more people decide on picking up two coffee tables instead of one and pairing them up in a way that allows them to bring the function and décor aspects together. You could take a standard wooden coffee table and set it in the middle of your sitting area and then pair it with a glass table with the same colour wooden legs as the big table. The smaller piece can be set beside a couch or an armchair and stay visible, usable, tying the entire look together. For people who sit quite far away from the main coffee table, it can also serve as a great place to set down their glasses or mugs. 

A centrepiece or a hidden gem? 

Picking out a stylish coffee table might make you wonder if you actually want it to be the centre of attention in your living room. If that’s not the case, but you still want it to be perfectly functional, a table with a glass top and metal legs can be quite a good choice. It looks quite industrial and modern, so it will fit in most modern living spaces without seeming too out there. The glass and metal combo also keep the room feeling open and fresh, it doesn’t block the view of the entire room and it’s quite simple and elegant, so it works for people who prefer the minimalist interior design. 

For the actual centerpieces, wooden coffee tables with a shelf where you can put baskets, magazines, blankets or decorative pieces on is a huge trend for 2021. With the right shade of wood, it will work almost anywhere and it can be easily transformed and adapted to any interior style.