Advantages of Laser Projectors vs. Lamp Projectors

Laser projectors are now more popular than ever, not only with cinemas and movie displays, but conference rooms, lecture rooms, classrooms and even at-home cinemas. Their quality, lifespan and low maintenance seem to be enough for people to give up on the slightly older lamp projectors. What are the main advantages of laser projectors over lamp projectors and is there any situation where lamp could still be better?

Laser Projectors vs. Lamp Projectors

Laser projectors have been considered a great, more technologically advanced substitution to the more traditional lamp projectors for quite a while now. They offer much more brightness than an average lamp projector, they have wider colour spaces, deeper whites and blacks and they are as low maintenance as it gets. For those, who use projectors on a daily basis, for example in lecture or conference rooms, this comes as a huge advantage.

Laser projectors have one trait that lamp projectors seriously lacked – the ability to be switched on and off as you please, without having to wait for the lamp to warm up or having to switch it off because it gets too hot. This, in addition to the advantages mentioned before makes it for a perfect option for those who work with projectors on a daily basis.

Why lamps are no longer desired

Some people still remember tips on how to take care of your projector to get the most of it, which would mean basically cleaning up the filters, changing the lamp regularly and most of all, keeping it in a colder space in order to reduce lamp temperature. With laser people stopped having those issues, which has made installing a projector in your home cinema or any place you wish to do so much easier.

Lamp projectors are much cheaper than the new laser ones. If you use it rarely and have a room dark and small enough, lamp projector would be just fine. However, once regular use and natural light come into play, lasers can be a more expensive investment worth taking. After all it’s the quality of the picture and the lifespan of the projector that counts here and with lamp projectors this could get worse over time. Remember – with lamp projectors you might need to change the bulb often and after some time the cost of its maintenance will excel the cost of a good quality laser projector. It’s worth thinking about.