ISO implementations – how to make it easy and simple?

Getting an ISO certification has been considered one of the best strategic business moves in the recent years, gaining much more recognition than it has ever before. With the market being so global right now and consumers having the freedom of choice, providing best quality products and services while staying environmentally conscious, abiding law and keeping an competitive edge is really tough right now.

ISO certification has been seen as a way of safely and sustainably improving a company and keeping up with the latest law changes and market trends without fail or setbacks. How to get ISO certified?

Get your implementation plan ready and going

Choosing the right ISO norm for your company can be a hard decision in itself, as there are now many areas that you can get certified and each of them can be important. Most companies decide to certify they quality management systems or information security management systems as more general and highly important areas or go down the safety route and choose an ISO standard appropriate to their industry.

Once you decide on which ISO standard you wish to certify to, you need to make sure you implement all the rules in a way that is sustainable and easy to understand for every party connected with the company. There’s no point in making new rules if people won’t know why there are changes being made. Once you choose your team responsible for controlling the implementation process and go through a stage 1 audit, you will be able to make a detailed and well documented plan of action concerning the whole process.

ISO is all about improvement

One of the major aspects of all ISO standards is that they need you to focus on constant improvement and risk assessment. The first audit, also called the gap analysis tells you where you need to change in order to meet the ISO requirements and the same thing goes for the certification audit. Don’t be afraid to fail as long as you know you can actually improve and use it to your advantage. The audits are your guidance for things you might not see at first and they help you get certified and keep the certificate because they point out what needs to be improved to stay on the right track.

Getting certified means choosing your certification body and sticking with it through the whole process. Choose wisely and if needed, get help from other who have been certified in the past, or if you are in a hurry you can choose ins2outs – platform dedicated to ISO implementations in organizations. At the end of the day, the people that will be assessing your eligibility for certification are there to check for any mistakes and show you how to improve. Use that instead of fearing them.