Top kitchen design styles

Kitchen renovations have been by far the most popular construction projects in the recent years, with people putting more and more focus on their kitchens as the centre of their homes. Old kitchens are becoming inconvenient now, not only by looking out of fashion and beaten up, but by lacking space for the newest appliances and storage modern people seem to need the most. However, the choices for new kitchen designs are endless. What are the top styles at the moment?

Modern all-white

Whites have come a long way from being the all-time classic to being reserved for luxury homes and now to being the classic modern standard for kitchens, lounges, bathrooms and everything in between. If you want a nice looking, modern and classic kitchen, white is the colour to go for. It may be high maintenance, but it sure looks good with every interior style and fits nicely into the minimalistic yet very elegant trend that seems to be quite strong right now.


When would you choose that? White kitchens fit nicely with Scandinavian, minimalistic, rustic and industrial kitchens. Alternating the colours of your furniture, the hardware or even the appliances can make a huge difference without actually changing the style of the kitchen too much.

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Contemporary and colourful

On the whole other end of the scale are the colourful and dark kitchens that seem to be just as trendy as the white ones. Navy, black and dark grey seem to be dominating the colour scheme here, making the kitchens quite interesting, contemporary and definitely practical.

Where would you choose that? Dark kitchens are quite a statement, which is why they work perfectly in quite modern houses. They can be toned down or made more interesting with pops of other colours here and there but they definitely won’t work if the house is all white and minimalistic or periodic as the kitchen would look completely out of place.

Minimalistic neutrals

Going back to the neutral spectrum of colours, minimalistic kitchens with neutral whites, greys and beiges are a classic if you want your kitchen design to last for years. All appliances fit here perfectly, you can decorate it with almost anything and it suits as a perfect base for every occasion.

white kitchen

Where would you choose that? Minimalistic kitchens in neutral colours fit perfectly in open spaces, where you need everything to look clean, simple and classic. Especially appreciated in flats and small houses, as white and neutral colours make the space look bigger.