Producent development in software house – all steps

One pretty obvious thing about the world now is that technology is accelerating at the fastest pace yet and us humans are more and more dependent on it. And since technology is playing such a huge role in our everyday life, software development is becoming more and more crucial. The demand for new solutions is showing everywhere now. Stop whatever you’re doing and look around – every machine that you see has had some contact with software at one point or another, be it the production stage or the fact that it wouldn’t work without it.

Software development – step by step

Using software in the process of developing new technologies is pretty obvious, but how about developing the software itself? What are the stages that go into product development in a software house?

The Planning Stage

Software development is a complex and long process that needs a perfect plan in order to work. The plan has to include all the strengths and weaknesses of the project, expected problems that could occur and all the tiny elements that will make the project work. Create a blueprint of the software you wish to develop and try to understand the challenges that you might face during the entire development process. The one thing to remember here is to make the plan realistic and functional.

The Analysis Stage

The next step of the software development should include some analytic work. Here it’s all about analyzing the performance of the software at various planned stages and making notes on any requirements that should be remembered about particular stages. It gives you an insight to the plans you’ve made about the software development and shows if the plan is actually feasible.

The Design Stage

Now it’s time for the actual designing step of software development. At this stage, you need to build the architecture of the project – create a layout that acts as a starting point for the next phase. On the design stage, you will decide on the exact hardware needed to successfully run the software and remove possible flaws by setting the standards you should stick to throughout the whole process.

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The Development Stage

We’re halfway there. Now you actually start developing the software, writing a lot of code and recording the data in the background. It sounds like a simple stage, but it’s actually as hard as it gets. You need to get it right and get it working.

The Testing Stage

The code has been written. Now it has to undergo several testing stages that will determine whether the code is sticking to the plan and the final product is working the way it should. This stage is often called the Beta Phase, and it also involves passing the software to the clients that return to the software house with proper feedback. At this stage, the developers know about all the glitches and bugs that need to be fixed before the actual release of the product.

The Maintenance Stage

The software is out. It is being used by the clients, but not forgotten by the developers. Any after-sale services and support must be constantly available to the clients and end users of the product.


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