How to choose sublime lighting for the kitchen?

Proper lighting of the kitchen makes cooking easier and more enjoyable. What’s more, the effects of the kitchen lighting significantly affect its reception and the overall effect of the interior finish. Contemporary kitchen is an important room. This is not only a place where you prepare meals but first of all a family life place. Modern kitchen requires several types of lighting.

The well-lit kitchen creates a proper mood and makes the whole work comfortable for the eyes. Use of the kitchen is facilitated by the illuminated worktop and properly illuminated cabinets. Additional light points reinforce the light in the center of the room and remove the shadows on the edges. The atmosphere of intimacy contributes to a well-lit table. Increasingly kitchens are connected with a living room or to the dining room so it should be all properly matched.

Kitchen lighting – sublime lamps

The sublime light source installed in the ceiling is essential in every kitchen – this kind of lighting is used in the kitchen the most often. That is why it is best to use modern energy saving light sources such as fluorescent lamps or LEDs. The centrally located light gives a fairly even illumination of the entire kitchen.

General lighting for the kitchen is quite easy to choose by its  style and size. It’s mainly a centrally located stylish lamp. A more modern appearance will be provided by the kitchen light source mounted in the suspended ceiling. The illumination placed above the ceiling makes the interior appear taller and more spacious.

kitchen lighting designed by SublimeLighting

Illumination of the table space in the kitchen

At the present central lighting is usually placed directly above the table. This allows to use the light sources with less power, it also facilitates the optical separation of the dining kitchen part and gives it an intimate atmosphere, and during meals exhibits dishes and highlights the beauty of tableware. When you’re installing the luminaire above the table, remember that the light on the tabletop should create an atmosphere of intimacy.

The lamp can not blind the people sitting around the table. Ideally, when it has an adjustable height. The light should fall on the entire table – over a table up to 120 cm wide, the lamp hangs 50 cm above the worktop, over a larger – 80 cm. Lamps should be placed in the outline of the counter symmetrically with respect to its center. Above the round table, it is better to hang the centrally located round lamp, square or rectangular, with several smaller, identical lamps in one stroke. There will also be luminaires in which you can install linear fluorescent lamps.

Instead of a traditional switch, it is advisable to install a dimmer – it will adjust the light intensity and adapt one source to several functions. Maximum intensity will be required during the work in the kitchen, will be also perfect at the official dinner.  Smaller light will build a cozy mood to relax during the afternoon tea. The advantage of the dimmers is their energy efficiency – in the long run with reduced light intensity, the power consumption decreases, which translates into lower bills.