Basement design inspirations

There is no way you can go on the Internet, look for basement design inspirations and find nothing – the web is full of them! If you feel like your basement space is being wasted and you could use it as an additional room, look no further. At Dick Whittington Design and Build, we believe basements are so much more than just a space for your childhood memorabilia and workout equipment you wanted to use but never got around to. Here are some inspirations that will help you redesign your basement space and enjoy it more than you could ever imagine.

How to decide what to do?

First of all, you can’t just look up basement inspirations and go off that – people have so many needs and ideas for the space, you would feel more lost than you did before you went on Google. Look around and decide what is missing, what space your house could use the most. It can be the at-home gym you always tried to achieve and never did (hence the unused gym equipment still packed up in boxes), an additional bedroom and bathroom for your guests, a playroom for the kids, a movie and games room for those who like having home parties, a diner room… the possibilities are endless. Once you know exactly what you are missing and what you could really use, it will be so much easier to get inspired and actually do something with the basement space!

Get the courage and work

Dick Whittington Design and Build specialises in developing basements that fit your needs and look stunning anytime you walk in. Think about modern style, greys, whites and blacks, with minimal furniture, glass elements and a statement sofa in the middle for a place that can serve as your home office and double-up as an evening cosy room once you switch to warmer lighting, candles and your guilty pleasure movie playing in the background. Or, you could go the totally opposite way and ask for a colourful playroom for your kids, full of fun furniture, creative elements, shapes, sizes and storage for all the toys and games. The basement has one crucial element – it is not something everyone sees when they visit the house, but it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be! Make it as comfortable or fun as you wish and use it as a room that you are most proud of, not a cave full of dust and old stuff.